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Continuing Adventures with Ubuntu and Apache

Continuing Adventures with Ubuntu and Apache.
In a previous blog post "Installing LAMP on Ubuntu 11.04 aka The Natty Narwhal" I documented my start with Ubuntu and the Apache webserver suite.

This blog post was updated a few times as the installation was updated.
Recently, I went through another update exercise and instead of updating the previous blog post, I elected to make another blog post.

I am sure that this is "old hat" to many on this list.
But this work is not "old hat" to me.
And I would suspect that I am not alone in this.

Chris Irwin presents btrfs


Chris Irwin presents btrfs
Apr 14, 2015 kwlug-2015-04-15-btrfs
Jul 7, 2015 kwlug-2015-07-06-btrfs-again
For more info, see: and

Installing LAMP on Ubuntu 11.04 aka The Natty Narwhal

As new user with Linux using Ubuntu 11.04 I was in the "now what?" moment.
Then I recalled Khalid's presentation on LAMP.
Exploring with the Google I found the following tutorials.

There were tuts going back a few revs but I thought 10.04 tut was close enough to 11.04.
And! Success! I now have a Linux webserver running LAMP.

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