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Book module added to Menu

Paul, I've added your "CMS Shootout, The Book Module," to the Primary menu.

Registered users should be able to add/edit pages. Get to it, gang.

CMS Shootout Wiki

The requested Wiki is started here. Have at it!

So how does the RSS feed work?

Hmmm? Has anybody tried it?

Site themes

The default site theme is "Marvin". You may choose from the other themes by
1) registering
2) "My Account"
3) "Edit"
4) scroll down and select from the four themes. and Save.

Then you can view the site in your selected theme. There is a lot of tweaking we can do to make the site "look right" after we have determined that we can make it "work right."

Thank you member!

Thank you to the member that put the KWLUG Logo in the right place on the test drupal site!

Blogging now active

Blogging module is now active for registered users.

Personal blogs could be used for individuals to post links or stories about their Linux experience, tips and recommended links.

Or it can be another useless bunch of entries like, "I went to the store today. I'm so bored."

You decide.

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