Nefarious Plan


If all goes well (?) people on the mailing list will see this post even if they never have visited the website in their lives. This increases the potential for spam, but it adds a level of communication that has been missing since the days of kwlug-forums.


Have you heard the radio ads for the CAAST? The Canadian Alliance Against Software Theft and the BSA (Business Software Alliance) are running threatening-sounding radio spots. They claim that if you take action to become "compliant" before a certain date, that you can do so "without penalty."

We must thank CAAST for their awesome campaign in favour of Free Software.

Users of proprietary software can fall victim to extra-legal, software license enforcement raids by the jack-booted minions of the same software monopolies that fund the BSA and CAAST. Nice.

Fail part 3


Are my tag sets going to bother being consistent now?

I bet they won't!

Fail, again

Why doesn't hitting the cron page send me an update?

I fail the test


I am breaking the site again. When you come to the site and cannot read this, you will know who to blame.

KWLUG - new venue considerations...

I've been informed that the cafe at 43 Queen Street will now be staying open until 9:00PM. I can already hear a couple of people cheering, but not so fast... this also means more noise. At a meeting a few months back I had to have a chat with a couple of people left over from another meeting about the noise level at the front of the cafe (and I was sitting fairly close to the speaker). Noise could be a problem if the cafe stays open.

Skype on Fedora Core 6

Found a good site that points out how to set up skype for Fedora Core 6. I also had to download compat-libstdc++-33 to get it installed. Still having problems getting skype to recognize any voice recording. Double checked the microphone and no luck...

Someone to work on a Freedom Toaster...

One of the projects that I wanted to see up and running at The Working Centre is a Freedom Toaster. If you haven't heard about the Freedom Toaster project before it's worth checking out at:

The Working Centre's Computer Recycling Project is almost set to open up again, we've been building shelves in our new space and sorting through the thousands of parts. When we are open it would be nice if people could just drop in with their own blank CDs and burn their own copy of whatever Linux distribution they want using the freedom toaster.

An agent seeks Linux developers to work in Toronto area

Re-posting a message from a search consultant.

(a) Linux/Unix graphics developer. Strong in development using C/C++ at the application layer. This would be
with a Multimedia organization in the GTA.

(b) A similar skill set, does not require the graphics knowledge. This is with a profitable wireless industrial router/switch product development organization. Again strong Linux ability at the middle to upper application layers.

(c) Other software development opportunities from the Microprocessor (embedded) layer, up to the GUI application layers.

Test instafaq 1.1

This is a test of the instafaq 1.1 entry. It will hopefully appear indented to instafaq 1.

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