This darn blog thingie....


Just a quick test of the blog system and these wonderful tags that I will spend much


using during the content transfer.

Not that I have ever been able to keep any Blog updated.

But I am working on it

just not very fast

  1. Sleep
  2. exercise
  3. nutrition

May help

but enough about me
R. Brent Clements, volunteer new site populator

Lets get this show on the road......

Open Source CMS links

Ooh. I did not notice that somebody posted a new list of categories.

I wanted to throw out two more links I came across tonight: - pointers to a lot of example sites. Some of them even look good. - try out any of the hundreds of CMS sites online. I wish I had known about this before.

Book module added to Menu

Paul, I've added your "CMS Shootout, The Book Module," to the Primary menu.

Registered users should be able to add/edit pages. Get to it, gang.

Library organization link

This is totally offtopic. I am posting this link so I can delete the e-mail from my account.

Richard says this is a cool new service to catalogue your books.

CMS Shootout Wiki

The requested Wiki is started here. Have at it!

Wikis for Drupal

Here are some links: - Somebody made a tiddlywiki plugin (whatever that is) - somebody else made a wiki plugin that others like.

Forums, blogs, wikis


In thinking about the new website, we should address the question of
how we communicate. Some of the CMS systems we are considering offer
blogs, wikis, discussion boards and other forms of interaction. Should
we use these things? What are the differences between them? Could
we end up using too many of them?

So how does the RSS feed work?

Hmmm? Has anybody tried it?

Drupal and Tagging

Upon a bit of further investigation, it appears that Drupal will support the "freetag" system as of release 4.7. The story is here.

There are a few solutions that are used for earlier releases: the folksonomy module (which I linked in the previous post) and awTags.

It is not totally clear why I am obsessed about tags. They're trendy, but maybe if we made the right taxonomy entries we would be okay. I don't think the current "distro list" works so well, though -- there are other categories we might want. Maybe I am looking for a purpose -- "tips", "life", "howto", "work", "meeting", etc?

Interesting Drupal Modules

This is a list of modules that have caught my eye. Some of them may be useful for our installation, but I am mostly posting them so that I can see what they do later.

  • Aggregator2: Collect and display Atom and RSS feeds arbitrarily.
  • Article: "allows for nodes of any type to be organized and displayed in a centralized location". It is not clear why this is different from what the rest of Drupal offers.
  • Atom: provides Atom 1.0 feeds.
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