3 embedded Linux kernel developers needed in Kitchener

I was asked by an employment agent if I know any embedded Linux people willing to work in Kitchener. Here is the list of required skills:

* Ethernet Stacks

* TCP/IP Network

* Embedded Linux (Low Level-Kernel)

* C++

* C

The agent wrote that experience with Video Equipment/Image Processing (projectors,
displays, etc) would be a great addition.

The agent's address is

Kick off post

I've decided to start creating a log of my troubles, tribulations and successes with Linux.

In this blog I'll try to keep a history of what I've done to make something work under Linux. I'm expecting that sometimes those exercises will be simple, some other times It may take some tweaking.

Unix Pipefitter required in Montreal

I saw this link to a job ad on an IRC channel, followed by the words, Please pass this around, if you know people who (a) are junior Unixheads and (b) like cake.

Unix Pipefitter: Montreal, QC

Computer Recycling shop of The Working Centre

I noticed a photo of the computer recycling shop at The Working Centre in a February 23, 2008 issue of The Record.

New Life for Record Computers by Peter Lee, Record staff

The whole page.

I found the people at this facility knowledgeable. I could purchase a refurbished computer with a pre-installed Linux for my friend.

43 Queen Street Pix


I am trying to update the meeting location page. Here is a picture!

43 Queen St. S Photo

Here is a map!

43 Queen St. Map

Have you signed the petition yet?



What are you waiting for?

Just say no to ooxml.

Let's get the number up to over 100,000 by February 14.

Pass it on!!


Ian F. Darwin, OpenMoko at Ontario Linux Fest 2007

I've uploaded the talk Ian F. Darwin gave on OpenMoko and the FIC Neo1973 phone at Ontario Linux Fest 2007 to The video can be found here:

Angela Byron, Women In Open Source - Ontario Linux Fest

I finally finished downloading and editing the talk given by Angela Byron on Women In Open Source at Ontario Linux Fest. The video is rather large, 928MB, but a high quality MPEG2.

Download it at



Currently downloading the net geubuntu distro from This distro combines Gnome and Enlightenment, their mainsite can be found at > There are also screenshots on their site so you can see what this distro looks like, would personally recommend the moonlite edition it has a nice dark theme to it, there is also a sunshine edition of this distro as well. I would also recommend that you use a bittorrent client to download this file!

Cheers ;-)

Notification email details

I couldn't figure out how to configure the Notification module to send out better subject headings, so I changed the module code. The file to change is in modules/notify/notify.module .

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