New Website: Possible Feature List

What features would you like to have on the new KWLUG web site?

Add a potential web site feture on each child page. Arguments for and against on the grand-child pages? Is this a good way to use the book module?


Provide a calendar display of past, present and future events at the LUG.

Discussion Forums

Threaded Dicussion forums are a prominent feature of the Old KWLUG web site

Threaded discussion through a web GUI interface appears to be popular with those who first contact KWLUG. Is this because the registered web forum is the best place for their initial contact? Or is it because it is the first type of contact presented to the new visitor to the KWLUG site?
Are the threaded forums required? Would a web GUI interface to the KWLUG mailing list (r/w please!) offer the same ability to post from a browser, but allow contact with a larger audience (namely the mailing list)?

KWLUG Member blogs

KWLUG Member Blogs

Drupal has made the possibility of individual blogs for each KWLUG member a possibility. What are the advantages and disadvantages of KWLUG member Blogs? What is are the uses for a blog, versus a forum post, versus a mailing list post?

Member blogs have their own RSS feeds. Interested readers can syndicate just the writers they choose to follow, or all of the KWLUG bloggers at once.

Mailing list

The new web page could have an associate mailing list

Okay, this page is a softball.
The mailing list subscribe, confirmation and unsubscribe controls should be available from the web site. The archive should also be available.

Where to find us

We meet monthly, usually on the first Monday of the month. Please check the Next Meeting link for details. There is a parking lot behind the building and parking after 6pm is free (last time we checked). We meet at:

The Working Centre
43 Queen Street S.
Kitchener, Ontario

Want to find us on a Map?

Meetings are free and open to those with an interest in Linux. All levels of Linux experience are welcome at our meetings. Come on out and meet us.