Installing Linux and the K8N-DL motherboard

Hello -

Does anyone out there have any experience or tips on installing linux onto an ASUS K8N-DL motherboard? I've tried SUSE 10.1 and RHEL 4 rel4, I've tried both on-board SATA controllers, I've tried with and without hardware RAID, but all with no luck. The system has dual AMD Opteron processors, and 4GB of RAM. I've found a number of sites that claim this can work, although linux is not officially supported by ASUS on this mobo.

When HW RAID is off, the install sees all 4 drives, and allows me to partition them and finish the install, but upon reboot it will not recognize a valid system drive and won't boot. Any suggestions would be very welcome!

LCD Analog and digital switching & playing movies under SuSE

A few days ago I went out and bought myself a nice widescreen 19" LCD with both DSUB and DVI connections. It's been a pretty interesting experience using the LCD. At first I only had the DVI connection plugged into my system and nothing would get displayed on the LCD until Xorg loaded (the monitor switched to "digital" at this point). So I decided to plug in the analog connection and have both connected. Suddenly avi files which played before no longer displayed anything on the screen (I tried using Xine, Mplayer, and Totem, interestingly avidemux did display them). As soon as I pulled the analog Dsub connector the movies played fine.

New project

A few months back I did a presentation on how easy it is to create Family Guy's Stewie using Inkscape. Well, I've started using those skills to reinvent the graphics for a video game. I'm not sure if the game is GPL or not - it is available for Linux. Until I figure out whether it is or not I'm holding back the graphics... all I'll say is that my graphics kick the current graphics' butt!

New file server


So I set up a completely new Samba server, and made sure there was a little redundancy. The root file system is stored on a 9.1GB UW SCSI drive. I set up a data on a 120GB IDE drive (which was suppose to be a 200GB hard drive, but it got snatched before I could get it). The plan is to mirror both drives. I haven't attached the mirrored OS drive yet.

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