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Updating Ubuntu Linux!

Hello, I just got my ubuntu box up and running on rogers cable internet on febuary 14th, i was wondering if anyone knows how to updated ubuntu, i've tried the update manager in the system menu and it comes up saying my system is already up to date. But it's not because im running ubuntu 6.06 dapper drake and want to update it to edgy eft 6.10, there are alot of other packages i would like to update in the process too! would anyone know how i could update it to edgy eft.

Thanks, Soulkiller

try there is a thread discussing Dapper to Edgy upgrades.

My first LUG experience was at KWLUG and this is how I found it

I discovered the kwlug when I came across a post by Rarsa on the puppy linux forums in my search for a simple distro capable of running on legacy hardware.

He mentioned that he uploaded an XDG-Menu presentation he did for his local Linux users group and his profile said he was from Kitchener, Ontario. I was surprised to see someone so close to home because most of the puppy users and forum contributors were from overseas. I checked out and had been planning on switching from vonage to a VSP/asterisk solution for a while so the next meeting topic was right up my alley. Thanks to John for his presentation and the nice gift.

new to KWLUG


I got to KWLUG via the WWITPRO web site. Didn't know that you gals and guys existed .
Richard, can you please contact me? I provide support to WWITPRO, and it occurred to me that KWLUG is equally deserving of support.

Problem getting install CDs to work?

Hello everyone!
I'm a new member - I'll be attending the University of Waterloo in the fall.
My quick question is if anyone has ever had trouble getting CD images that you download [for various distros from Ubuntu to FreeBSD] to work properly? Personally, I've only ever had trouble on odd hardware, and I've always been able to get Fedora Core 3/4 to boot up just fine.

My father on the other hand, who wants to get away from MS Windows, has had some very bad luck and is getting very, very frustrated. It started with the DVD for OpenSuSe 10.0 that he got out of a Linux Format mag. The DVD boots, but then suddenly says that it cannot find a DVD in the drive. Then we tried the CD images available on the DVD - and they would freeze midway into the install process. Next, he retrieved the CDs from the Novell website, checked the MD5 sums, and still the same problem. My dad then thought that maybe Solaris 10 would work better - and while it installed without problems, it kept asking for the "Lang" disc that we had downloaded but that it wouldn't recognize. The he got the latest FreeBSD 6.1 release, and those CDs weren't able to read their own data from "acd0".

How can we help?

Here's an interesting rumour for us to consider. First seen on the Yahoo! Financial SCOX forum.

[Microsoft(r) tech support] told me that "in the fall, having the latest WGA will become mandatory and if its not installed, Windows will give a 30 day warning and when the 30 days is up and WGA isn't installed, Windows will stop working, so you might as well install WGA now." -- Ed Bott's Blog

This could be a complete fabrication, a case of broken telephone, FUD, a trial balloon from Redmond or something else. But what if it is close to being true? Any way to confirm or refute this? Anybody know anybody at Microsoft(r) with the ability, the clout and the willingness to get a real answer on this? A written answer, with attribution? Of course, with enough public outcry, Microsoft(r) will simply change their mind on this (if it's a trial balloon) and claim that the speakers were "wrong, misinformed, spoke out of turn," and deny all complicity.

Help Needed configuring Asterisk

Hi all , I'm new to this group and I'm having great problems getting my Asterisk box to communicate. The hardware is all in place , distro installed .. AAH final. 2.8 . If there is a kind soul out there that could donate a little time to a newbie to help me out , I'm in waterloo , that would be wonderful. I'm diabled and unfortunatly don't have the funds to hire someone , but I can supply all the coffee needed and would be happy to donate too that person for their time a spare 24 port cabletron fast switch ELS1000 and a brand new baytech DS3 data switch. I can be contacted if there is an interested person at 342-0824 ( Robert )

This darn blog thingie....


Just a quick test of the blog system and these wonderful tags that I will spend much


using during the content transfer.

Not that I have ever been able to keep any Blog updated.

But I am working on it

just not very fast

  1. Sleep
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  3. nutrition

May help

but enough about me
R. Brent Clements, volunteer new site populator

Lets get this show on the road......

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