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new (local) open source project formed

I have started a brand new open source project to take the SIMPL toolkit
( into an area that I have some
experience with:    Access Control systems for buildings.

This new project has a home at:

This project will use an LGPL'd framework coupled with a user licencable
plugin architecture.     The business logic will be cast as a finite

Although I'm focusing the initial effort on access control systems for
buildings,  I believe that the framework will be expandable to include a

Multi-site Drupal configuration

Are you using the Drupal content management system?

Want to run more than one Drupal site from your server? This should get you started. I'm presuming that you have root access to your Drupal box and it is called sandbox.local .

0. Set up a single site Drupal installation

Start a default, single site installation working by following the excellent instructions. Make sure that you can browse it by hostname. You do have local DNS , or a hosts file, right? You have it right when you can browse the site at sandbox.local .

How can we help?

Here's an interesting rumour for us to consider. First seen on the Yahoo! Financial SCOX forum.

[Microsoft(r) tech support] told me that "in the fall, having the latest WGA will become mandatory and if its not installed, Windows will give a 30 day warning and when the 30 days is up and WGA isn't installed, Windows will stop working, so you might as well install WGA now." -- Ed Bott's Blog

This could be a complete fabrication, a case of broken telephone, FUD, a trial balloon from Redmond or something else. But what if it is close to being true? Any way to confirm or refute this? Anybody know anybody at Microsoft(r) with the ability, the clout and the willingness to get a real answer on this? A written answer, with attribution? Of course, with enough public outcry, Microsoft(r) will simply change their mind on this (if it's a trial balloon) and claim that the speakers were "wrong, misinformed, spoke out of turn," and deny all complicity.

Would you like a Super Computer with that?

Found on the Globe and Mail web site.

The students who use the computer lab at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, N.S., probably aren't aware that at night the lab transforms into the equivalent of a supercomputer.

All day long, St. Francis Xavier University students sit at the lab's rows of PCs to surf the Internet, write papers, arrange dates or listen to podcasts. During the day, the machines run Microsoft's Windows operating system. But at night that all changes. At 11 p.m, the students are gone, the doors are locked and the lights are out. It's time to close Windows until morning.

Help Needed configuring Asterisk

Hi all , I'm new to this group and I'm having great problems getting my Asterisk box to communicate. The hardware is all in place , distro installed .. AAH final. 2.8 . If there is a kind soul out there that could donate a little time to a newbie to help me out , I'm in waterloo , that would be wonderful. I'm diabled and unfortunatly don't have the funds to hire someone , but I can supply all the coffee needed and would be happy to donate too that person for their time a spare 24 port cabletron fast switch ELS1000 and a brand new baytech DS3 data switch. I can be contacted if there is an interested person at 342-0824 ( Robert )

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