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You'll find a list of Frequently Answered Questions below. Want to add an item to the KWLUG FAQ? Create a blog post and select "FAQ" under resources and it will be added to this list.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is KWLUG?

    KWLUG is an acronym for Kitchener Waterloo Linux Users Group.

  • Come here often?

    KWLUG meetings are held once a month, generally on the first Monday evening of the month. See the main page for the next scheduled meeting.

  • Been here long?

    The mysterious origins of KWLUG are shrouded in the mists if time. Our first meeting as KWLUG was in October 2001. Some of our founding members were meeting as a previous group from some time in 2000.

  • What is a LUG?
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