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Updating Ubuntu Linux!

Hello, I just got my ubuntu box up and running on rogers cable internet on febuary 14th, i was wondering if anyone knows how to updated ubuntu, i've tried the update manager in the system menu and it comes up saying my system is already up to date. But it's not because im running ubuntu 6.06 dapper drake and want to update it to edgy eft 6.10, there are alot of other packages i would like to update in the process too! would anyone know how i could update it to edgy eft.

Thanks, Soulkiller

try there is a thread discussing Dapper to Edgy upgrades.

Replying to Forum comments

I haven't attended a KWLUG meeting in sometime, but it's quite encouraging to see the work that has gone into the site.

I see some issues on this board that I maybe able to help with but have noticed a lot of the messages don't allow replys. Any idea why I wouldn't be able to reply to certain messages? It seems the ones that already have responses to them I can also add comments. So I'm assuming the one that aren't getting comments are because the reply mechanism is unavailable. Maybe it has to do with the type of post being used. I'm sure clearing this up would go a long way.

I w

Old KWLUG forum archives

Hey all,

Its been a while since I have stopped in to the site here, and I notice that things are a lot different. Is there any way to access the post archives from the old board?


John's January 2007 VOIP presentation (outline)

The following is a brief of John's presentation, January, 2007:

Monday 22nd of January,

Linux & Asterisk
Completely VOIP (In and Out) at Net Direct

Introduction to VOIP and SOHO

VOIP Definition
Voice over Internet Protocol
suite of protocols (use Intenet protocols: SIP, RTP, IAX, H.323, MGCP, and more)
Call setup and session signaling protocols
Audio/Video protocols
Market supports SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)

Why use VOIP
$2.50/phone number, 1.1cent to 2 cent/minute calls
Flat rate - $40/month unlimited NA calling

Game help

Hello all, i recently have installed PHLAK linux on my other pc, and i have wine installed and am able to play games but they suck so much cpu and im not able to run quake 2 or install quake 3 arena. Quake 2 is only able to be played in software mode with no fullscreen and just a small X11 window and i mean the smallest one, i would like to know why it's sucking so much cpu, i have all the requirements for the game, i have a pentium 2 350MHZ machine and it's got 640MB or RAM and an ATI radeon 7000 agp 32MB graphics card whih is clearly capable of OpenGL graphics because i've run OpenGL graphics games on it before!!! I have no idea why they suck so much cpu power!!

x-windows starts sucking cpu

Every once in a while, my xwindows stops functioning and starts using most of the cpu power. I know this because I can ssh in from another computer (slowly) and top shows me. Killing x terminates the session and xdm starts again and everything is good again.

Does anyone know how to narrow down what is sucking the life out of my computer? X works fine normally, just once in a while it goes south.

Slackware Help!!

Hello, i just recently acquired slackware linux 11, i installed it fine and everything, there's just one thing i have to cd-rom drives installed on the pc with slackware, one is just a regular 52x and the other is a 52x cd-rw drive. The cd-rw drive works find it can read cd's and what not, the 52x cd-rom doesn't read cd's at all but this isn't my problem though... when i pop a cd in to the cd-rw drive it will do it's thing of reving up, but it won't automount the cd in the drive for me to see it's contents, i even tried to go into a term and tried to manually mount it myself with:

mount /mnt/cdrecorder <--- this is what slackware 11 detects my cd-rw drive as!

(Trimmed) message preview - kwlug

Once a message is entered, and preview hit:
The trimmed version of your post shows what your post looks like when promoted to the main page or when exported for syndication. You can insert the delimiter "

kwlug Web Site / Library - 'sub-topics'? FAQ (/node/60) shows at bottom:
How do I get Linux?
Most anything and everything is available from the internet. If you have a slow connection you might want to get Linux distribution disks from our media library. Ask at a meeting if you would like access to this collection.

Searching on 'media library' gets me to (/node/7, bottom):
We also have Linux distribution CDs. You may purchase the distribution CDs for the
current per disc, media charge. Specific requests for installation media should be
placed on the message board.

site Inconsistencies - preview & signature

OK, I'm confused.

If I comment to a blog, I see my signature, and can't directly submit. I have to preview.

If I post to the forum, I have no signature, and can directly submit.


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