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(Electronic / Computer) Copyright?

You will, or will have, seen I put a © in my signature. 'cause I'm checking things out and experimenting, and 'cause I could. (-:

I myself have advocated in the past that using c. in this manner, particularly in e-mail, is silly (extraneous), annoying (something extra to be read), and pointless.

Pointless because if you do not actively defend your copyright, you have no copyright.

I'm probably a little paranoid as I have seen, all too often, innocent e-mail's get forwarded all around in a circle, causing all sorts of aggravation of all different kinds.

Let alone, being a web page, how one can google and get the darndest things. Our content will come up. I've seen how things can be twisted. ("causing all sorts of aggravation of all different kinds.")

I have a lead on a short term contract for a customized Fedora serial driver

I have a lead on a short term piece of work on a customization of a serial
kernel module to meet the specs below.

Contact me offlist if you think this is something you know how to do.


=========== snip from client description of problem ==========
> I have a C program in Linux that talks to slot machine which require a
> wakeup bit be set. The protocol requiers 1 start, 8 data, 1 wakeup, 1
> stop bit.
> Essentially I need the set or 127 characters to go out with the parity
> bit set to zero. In addition I need, at least, to be able to send out
> 0x00, 0x01, 0x80, 0x81 and 0x82 out with the parity bit set to 1.

Blogging - BBcodes, toolbar?

Is it just me or ...

- hitting preview on a comment just brings the same page back. No formatting. I don't actually see what it will look like.

- I'm not going to remember html or bbcode tags. [Not that I even like BBcode / tags. No Smiley's for me, no sir!] I have too much other stuff to remember the format of. There appears to be a bbcode formatting bar, That presumably still lets you click a button for, say, bold, and allows an html version rather than a bbcode version.


P.S. Never mind the preview formatting. I see it on this message. Perhaps I only see it in some places.

Blog Commenting / John Kerr's blog / Computer retailng... from a consumers' point of view


Query: Aren't blog's supposed to be commentable? I see no comment button on this page.

> However, what ticks me off is that so many local stores have the
same products. There is no variety.

Presumably cause they're all buying from the same distributors.

And presumably because off-brands don't sell.

Have you noticed how in the last little while TigerDirect, which is actually Ingram if I recall correctly, sells more off-brands than anything else? I've have poor experiences with them and off-brands. If at all possible I'll buy from Canada Computers ( in Waterloo (, see Waterloo.) They have humans there, that know what they're doing, unlike the average person I encounter at Future Shop or Best Buy.

'© KWLUG'?

I notice '© KWLUG' at the bottom of these LUG web pages.


Well ... first ... does that mean any forum post is, well, '© KWLUG'? And the poster themselves is assigning the '©' to 'KWLUG'?

Let alone ... second ... how can '© KWLUG' work? Is KWLUG registered anywhere?

Monitor for sale 25$

Hi all, i have an old opitiquest 71 19 ince monitor for sale for 25$, if you want it you'll have to pick it up and can get a hold of me at this email
I also have some older nic cards if you want some of those i sell them for 5$ a piece or i'll do a deal and sell you the monitor and the cards in a box for about 60$.


New discount computer store

Hi Gang

Factory direct is a electronics discount outlet that sells refurbished and off lease equipment.

Finally, a Kick Ass retailer is in our area.

Store to open in early December, you can get more details on what they sell at



Comparison to a Windows Domain in Linux

Ok, I've taken a few classes and done some UNIX/GNU Linux reading but have never seen this in any of my reading. I understand it at a local machine level, setting up users and groups with access to specific resources but never at a LAN/WAN level. Working in a completely Windows shop may have deluted my concepts as well.

What does Linux use for a multi-user Windows-domain-style set up (without a Windows domain)? I've seen a lot of 'server' versions of GNU Linux and distros but how do they authenticate in a multi-PC environment? Does GNU Linux offer the option to authenticate with a single server or 'domain controller' and then have access to multiple resources on the network? Where do you set up the users/groups?

Installing Linux and the K8N-DL motherboard

Hello -

Does anyone out there have any experience or tips on installing linux onto an ASUS K8N-DL motherboard? I've tried SUSE 10.1 and RHEL 4 rel4, I've tried both on-board SATA controllers, I've tried with and without hardware RAID, but all with no luck. The system has dual AMD Opteron processors, and 4GB of RAM. I've found a number of sites that claim this can work, although linux is not officially supported by ASUS on this mobo.

When HW RAID is off, the install sees all 4 drives, and allows me to partition them and finish the install, but upon reboot it will not recognize a valid system drive and won't boot. Any suggestions would be very welcome!

Dumb C coding question.

I was messing around with C last night following a few examples in the book "C in Easy Steps" and I wrote some code for which I get a cast error. I delved into the brief pointers section of the book, but it didn't help clarify how to solve the problem. (Sorry I can't be exact, I left the actual code at home). The code segment went something like this:

char yesno;

printf("\n Again (y/n)?");
scanf("%c", &yesno);
while (yesno="y");

I also tried something like:

char yesno;
char *yesno_ptr=&yesno;

printf("\n Again (y/n)?");

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