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LCD Analog and digital switching & playing movies under SuSE

A few days ago I went out and bought myself a nice widescreen 19" LCD with both DSUB and DVI connections. It's been a pretty interesting experience using the LCD. At first I only had the DVI connection plugged into my system and nothing would get displayed on the LCD until Xorg loaded (the monitor switched to "digital" at this point). So I decided to plug in the analog connection and have both connected. Suddenly avi files which played before no longer displayed anything on the screen (I tried using Xine, Mplayer, and Totem, interestingly avidemux did display them). As soon as I pulled the analog Dsub connector the movies played fine.

Configure Ubuntu (linux) sound

Hi everyone,

I just installed Ubuntu June 2006 version on my x86 Pentium 4 PC. I have a HUGH problem configuring the sound / multimedia system.

I have a C-Media 9880 sound card manufactured in Taiwan. Currently the Volume Control can let me choose between:

a) C-Media CMI 9880 (OSS Mixer) or
b) HDA Intel (Alsa Mixer)

#1 Here is my lspci output:

john@john-desktop:~$ lspci
0000:00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation 915G/P/GV/GL/PL/910GL Processor to I/O Controller (rev 04)
0000:00:01.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation 915G/P/GV/GL/PL/910GL PCI Express Root Port (rev 04)
0000:00:1b.0 0403: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 03)

new (local) open source project formed

I have started a brand new open source project to take the SIMPL toolkit
( into an area that I have some
experience with:    Access Control systems for buildings.

This new project has a home at:

This project will use an LGPL'd framework coupled with a user licencable
plugin architecture.     The business logic will be cast as a finite

Although I'm focusing the initial effort on access control systems for
buildings,  I believe that the framework will be expandable to include a

Meeting topics

On the sheet I passed around last night a few people expressed an interest in the following topics:

  • Kernel
  • Backups
  • Web servers

We did have a presentation on backups not that long ago if I rememnber correctly (I may have just read an article somewhere).

Problem getting install CDs to work?

Hello everyone!
I'm a new member - I'll be attending the University of Waterloo in the fall.
My quick question is if anyone has ever had trouble getting CD images that you download [for various distros from Ubuntu to FreeBSD] to work properly? Personally, I've only ever had trouble on odd hardware, and I've always been able to get Fedora Core 3/4 to boot up just fine.

My father on the other hand, who wants to get away from MS Windows, has had some very bad luck and is getting very, very frustrated. It started with the DVD for OpenSuSe 10.0 that he got out of a Linux Format mag. The DVD boots, but then suddenly says that it cannot find a DVD in the drive. Then we tried the CD images available on the DVD - and they would freeze midway into the install process. Next, he retrieved the CDs from the Novell website, checked the MD5 sums, and still the same problem. My dad then thought that maybe Solaris 10 would work better - and while it installed without problems, it kept asking for the "Lang" disc that we had downloaded but that it wouldn't recognize. The he got the latest FreeBSD 6.1 release, and those CDs weren't able to read their own data from "acd0".

Excellent Letter

I originally posted this to my local LUG and was asked to post here as well.



Just wanted to highlight a very well written letter to our esteemed
leaders that I've run across for any of you who have not seen it.

Perhaps more of us should get behind this and send similar
correspondence to our MPP's.

I for one can literally feel Mr. Gates reaching into my pocket when
my teenage children come home from school and insist that they MUST
use MS Word to complete their homework assignments. The prospect of

SIMPL project posts new reusable and extendable components

The SIMPL open source project aims to bring Send/Receive/Reply (QNX style) message passing to Linux.

The project has now been in existence for 7 years and the central LGPL'd toolkit is now quite stable and mature at v3.0.3. It features several utilities in addition to the library including a full featured set of TCP/IP based surrogates which allow complete network transparency to the messaging.

The SIMPL project has a collection of reusable and extendable components called softwareICs:

Help Needed configuring Asterisk

Hi all , I'm new to this group and I'm having great problems getting my Asterisk box to communicate. The hardware is all in place , distro installed .. AAH final. 2.8 . If there is a kind soul out there that could donate a little time to a newbie to help me out , I'm in waterloo , that would be wonderful. I'm diabled and unfortunatly don't have the funds to hire someone , but I can supply all the coffee needed and would be happy to donate too that person for their time a spare 24 port cabletron fast switch ELS1000 and a brand new baytech DS3 data switch. I can be contacted if there is an interested person at 342-0824 ( Robert )

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