My other little problem in Debian etch 4.0R3

I freshly installed Debian 4.0R3 on my laptop a couple of days ago and I have a wireless network card for it.

Apt Sources.list question

I'm curious i've been running Debian Etch 4.0 on my desktop machine for a year now and yesterday I checked the sources.list file and compared it to a fresh install of Debian Etch 4.0R3 on my laptop's sources.list file and it say's stable in the laptops sources.list file which is fine and all but my desktop machine has been having a problem for quite some time i'm curious if if this problem is the reason for what i'm experiencing on my desktop machine!

Game help

Hello all, i recently have installed PHLAK linux on my other pc, and i have wine installed and am able to play games but they suck so much cpu and im not able to run quake 2 or install quake 3 arena. Quake 2 is only able to be played in software mode with no fullscreen and just a small X11 window and i mean the smallest one, i would like to know why it's sucking so much cpu, i have all the requirements for the game, i have a pentium 2 350MHZ machine and it's got 640MB or RAM and an ATI radeon 7000 agp 32MB graphics card whih is clearly capable of OpenGL graphics because i've run OpenGL graphics games on it before!!! I have no idea why they suck so much cpu power!!

Computers for a school in El Salvador

Raul S. mention at the last meeting that he has a friend who was sending computers to El Salvador. Coincidentally, The Working Centre is currently working on sending 15 computers to Meanguera del Golfo in El Salvador. I have 15 Pentium III's, but I'm short on hard drives above 6GB.

At first I thought I might install the K12 Linux Terminal Server Project and make the boxes diskless. But I think I'll just make 1 Samba file server and put 3-4GB hard drives in the rest with The Working Centre Linux Project on the client computers.

I already have a Pentium III 800MHz with 512MB RAM (which I'm upgrading to 1GB) ready to act as the Samba server.

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