KWLUG - The Kitchener-Waterloo Linux User Group is a monthly meeting of GNU/Linux, Free Software, Open Source and technology enthusiasts.

Where? When? We meet in Kitchener, Ontario, usually on the first (non-holiday) Monday of the month, beginning at 7pm. (Directions)

How much? Our meetings are free of charge and open to anybody with an interest in Linux and/or free software.

What next?

Upcoming Meetings

Saturday, Jan 21: Laptop Rescue Mission

Every so often a group of KWLUGers volunteers to rescue laptops donated to the Computer Recycling project at The Working Centre. For assorted reasons it is not viable for Computer Recycling to spend much time refurbishing these laptops itself, so we sort through them, select ones in reasonable condition, then install Xubuntu on them for resale.

You are invited to come help! You do not need to be a Linux nerd or a hardware genius to participate: if you can use a screwdriver, read numbers and follow instructions then you can be helpful. There will be lots to learn, but you can learn it as you go along. Linux nerds and hardware geniuses are also welcome to participate, of course.

To participate, please RSVP using the Contact Us functionality on this website. Because Computer Recycling is ordinarily closed on Saturdays, you will need special instructions to get into the building.

We will start at around 4pm and end around 8pm, but if you can only come later or have to leave earlier that's fine too.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

KW Linux Fest 2017: Jan 28 2017

The second annual KW Linux Fest is happening Saturday, January 28 at 200 Bathurst Drive in Waterloo. The day will feature a number of speakers.

Admission is $5.

Register for the conference by visiting http://kwlinuxfest.ca.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

KWLUG Meeting: Monday, February 6 2017, 7pm

Monday, 6 February 2017
Presentation Topic

OSSIM + Lets Encrypt

Mark Steffen will tell us about AlienVault OSSIM an open source secuity information and events management system (SIEM). These systems are used to collect and correlate information about security-related events, for use in intrusion detection and management. Mark will tell us more about SIEMs, and demonstrate how to configure OSSIM for a small organization or paranoid home user.

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