There are several ways to share and learn with KWLUG.
We have monthly meetings in Kitchener, Ontario. KWLUG meetings are free to attend.
Mailing list
We have a discussion mailing list for Linux and Free Software discussion, debate, questions and answers. There is an announcement list to remind you of KWLUG meetings.
Local Activities
Collects information about local residents that are working with Linux and FLOSS. This includes projects people are working on, FLOSS-friendly companies in the area, and places where you can obtain commercial support.
Software Library
A list of software available at monthly meetings.
Some frequently answered questions.

Tips for Presenters: read this if you will be giving a presentation.

Friends and Neighbours: Other User Groups lists other LUGs in Southern Ontario and other computer user groups in Waterloo Region.

The FLOSS Fund is a proposal to give money and love to free software projects. Want to nominate a project for the FLOSS Fund? You can!

Presentation Topic Suggestions is a page where registered users can suggest topics and volunteer to present topics.

Our attendance sheet is passed around at every meeting. (RTF sources made with OOo are in this zip file.

Our LUG logo has a long and storied past. We keep a tarball here for future use.

This podcasting kit contains our intro, outro, metadata information and Audacity tips for the audio podcast,

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