Asterisk on Embedded Devices

The OpenWRT project provides the firmware to turn compatible devices including many WRT-series Linksys and Asus WL-series wireless routers into fully-programmable, GNU/Linux operating environments. We use this feature to convert an ASUS WL500g Premium (V.1) wireless router into a Voice over IP (VOIP) gateway using the Asterisk packages provided in the current OpenWRT distribution, Kamikaze.

After a brief overview of VOIP systems in general and setup of the hardware, details to be covered will include: Installing and configuring the Asterisk application to make and receive calls from the VOIP provider Unlimitel, configuring extensions with soft-phones, VOIP phones, ATA-connected telephones and WiFi VOIP clients and setting up voicemail with recorded prompts.

Additional topics to be covered as time allows may include: Voicemail to E-mail, call-forwarding, menu-driven multiple extensions, remote extensions, performance issues with simultaneous VOIP and data transfer, WAN connection options for the router and other unannounced surprises.

Talk details can be found on the wiki

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