Test instafaq 1.1

This is a test of the instafaq 1.1 entry. It will hopefully appear indented to instafaq 1.

Test instafaq 1.

This is the body of the test instfaq 1 entry.

InstaFAQ. How do I add an entry?

It's fun and easy to add a FAQ entry with the Drupal InstaFAQ tool.

  1. Register on the web site. We don't allow anonymous visitors to post on this web site.
  2. Log in.
  3. Create content by selecting the "Create content" link in the left-hand side menu.
  4. Create a Blog entry by selecting "Blog entry" from the Create content sub-menu.
  5. Add the InstaFAQ List Name in the blogtags field. This InstaFAQ is tagged as "instafaq". Others might be "gardening centres" or "consultants".
  6. Add your content to the body of your InstaFAQ entry.

Drupal. What is it?

Drupal is a content management system. It provides flexible, powerful tools that are combined to make web sites.

InstaFAQ. What is it?

"You're soaking in it."

InstaFAQ is a Drupal tool that allows web site visitors to create a FAQ (list of frequently Answered Questions) through their blog entries. If you are looking at a single entry you can find the complete instafaq here .

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